Alastair kindly agreed to speak to us at short notice after Adam Hogg had to cancel his visit.

Alastair challenged us by asking us to think about Easter Saturday and what was actually happening. We are all familiar with Jesus crucifixion on Easter Friday and His resurrection on Easter Sunday but what was Jesus doing on Easter Saturday.

We know that Jesus, the Son of God was crucified, DEAD and buried on Friday. Why did the son of God have to die?

He died so that we could be saved from our sins. It was the ONLY way for us to be saved. Jesus was the unblemished, sinless sacrifice that was given to pay for OUR sins.

There is NOTHING that Jesus does not know about suffering. Whatever situation we are in, Jesus knows and has experienced it by taking it upon Himself.

Alistair encouraged us all to read Hebrews in connection with the death of Jesus.