Jim Brown from Arbroath Town Mission came along to speak and share some of his life with us. He spoke very frankly about his earlier life and his dependence on alcohol to give him courage to speak to people because he was so shy. Eventually having admitted that he had an alcohol problem he got in touch with AA where a man came to speak with him and encourage him. It was through AA that he brought his drinking under control and to the point where he renounced alcohol and hasn’t touched a drop since.

During this time he met his current wife Liz and when they moved to Arbroath she told him that she was a Christian and that she wanted to go back to church. They tried several churches in Arbroath until one Sunday they went to the Town Mission where they received a great welcome and were made to feel at home. It struck a chord with them and they remained there for many years.

Jim realised that he need to accept Christ as his Saviour and since then has always had a passion for young people who are in difficult circumstances and down trodden people. He has volunteered in several churches working at youth clubs or drop-in centres and loves to speak with them about the love of Jesus.

One thing that he always remembers and try’s to convey, is that no matter what we have done, if we have asked Jesus into our lives and sought his forgiveness then God forgives us unconditionally.