Strathmore Christian Fellowship aims to be a 21st century church that honours Jesus Christ and upholds biblical truth as relevant and life-transforming. The church meets each Sunday morning at 11am at Northmuir Hall in Kirriemuir and you would be most welcome to come along.

The service (around 90 minutes long) includes a time of praise that is contemporary in style together with preaching that seeks to connect the Bible to everyday life. There is also a programme for primary age children and a crèche. At the close of the meeting, tea and coffee along with the ever-popular soup are served. There is no charge for this!

Various other meetings take place on a weekly or less frequent basis embracing both spiritual and social aspects of church life. These include Xplore Youth, REAL Women, Thursday@Bridges and Quest.

Strathmore Christian Fellowship owns the Bridges building at 42-44 Bank Street, Kirriemuir. In March 2011 Bridges Coffee House was opened. This café is run by the charity Capstone Projects which gives 100% of profits to support various projects in Uganda.

Over the past few years the church has run 5 major community events in partnership with Angus Council. In July 2012 to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games a Live Link Big Screen event was held in Martin Park with several hundred people attending. This was followed by two more Family Fun Days at Webster’s High School sports field before moving to Kirrie Hill in 2014 in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games Relay Event.  In 2015 we linked up with Kirrie Thistle Youths for a Community Fun Day on the Hill for what was reckoned to be the best Fun Day yet!

In October 2012, Strathmore Christian Fellowship launched the Angus Foodbank under the umbrella of The Trussell Trust. With economic crisis a national issue, the Trussell Trust pioneered the idea of a UK network of foodbanks several years ago and now operates over 420 foodbanks across the UK.

“We want to see Jesus lifted high…a chorus which echoes through all we do as a fellowship and in the Praise and Worship that is at the core of almost every meeting, large and small in the life of our fellowship. We have a modern worship band of guitars, bass and drums, supported by talented soloists and singers who come together to lead Sunday worship and individually support the various meetings in the weekly programme. We sing mostly contemporary guitar led songs (including some home grown originals) but we also value the older songs and choruses and the wealth of traditional hymns, reflecting the varied backgrounds and journeys of our fellowship and the worship team.”

Jim Farrell, Worship Leader