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Thurs Aug 16: 7.30pm/8pm Care Groups restart – any questions please speak to Kenny or Lynne or your Care Group Leaders/Deputies (Jonathan & Elizabeth/Stuart & Julie; Jim & Angie/Malcolm & Cate; Derek & Lynn/Andrew & May; Kenny & Cheryl/Rob & Athene)

Sun Aug 19: 11am @Northmuir Hall – Leading: Derek   Praise: Jim
Preaching: Jonathan  ‘A Marriage Made in Heaven’ – Ephesians 5:21-33 – No 10 in our series on Paul’s Letter to the Church in Ephesus

Mon Aug 20: 7.30pm Leaders’ Meeting @Bridges

Thurs Aug 23: 7.30pm/8pm Praise & Prayer @Bridges & Brechin

Sun Aug 26: 7pm @Old Parish Church Hall – I received an invitation from Rev. Stephen Blakey, Isla Parishes, re the West Angus Area Ministry Prayer Planwhich seeks to raise the profile of, and encourage participation in, prayer across the whole West Angus area.  As we heard at the men’s breakfast last Saturday, Stephen is a born-again, Spirit-filled believer (plus a personal friend of Jackie Pullinger for many years) with a heart to see God move in this area. Apart from being an army chaplain, he was also involved in setting up Kingdom Gathering in St Andrews in the 90s – a forerunner to CLAN Gathering. Everyone is welcome.

Sat Sept 1:  10am-4pm Aspire Ladies’ Lifted Conference @Glasgow Elim – see attached for more details.

  • Lynne also announced that next year’s Capernwray Ladies’ weekend is March 29-31.  Deposits to be paid by October.

Sat Sept 2: 11am Baptismal Service @Northmuir Hall followed by Ricky’s baptism @Gella Bridge – soup served back at the hall afterwards!

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Direction Magazine
If you’d like to place a regular order for Elim’s Direction magazine (£2 a month) please let Kenny know.  October’s edition of the magazine is now available.  Features include the Bible College of Wales where David Holdaway (former Aberdeen Elim pastor) is Principal and also Edinburgh Elim’s Gordon Allan writing on MPower (Elim’s men’s ministry).