Capstone Projects is a Christian Charity based in the Dundee, Scotland, which has a long standing relationship with Lugazi Pentecostal Church Ministries, Uganda. Through acting as a fundingCapstone map partner and providing professional assistance Capstone has been involved in many projects in Uganda over the years. It is hoped that the projects will mutually support one another to further benefit the community of Lugazi.

Many people in the UK are involved with fundraising for these projects and many individuals have visited the projects over the past 25 years.

Capstone Projects has a strong belief that the ownership and direction of the projects which it supports should be with the staff working within each project.

Capstone Childrens centreCapstone Children’s Centre
This was our first project. It started in 2003 as a direct response to help children who were living on the streets. Initially the children were taken into someone’s home where they would be looked after. However as the number of children in need grew, a more permanent solution was required and as soon as funding was available a property was purchased and staff were employed to ensure the best possible care would be provided.
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Living Water Medical Centre & Outreach ProgrammeCapstone Medical Centre
From small beginnings, Living Water now offers 24/7 medical support to the local community. This includes medical consultations, laboratory services, access to antenatal and maternity nurses, inpatient treatment, and a HIV centre.
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Capstone Womens business ProjectWoman’s Small Business Project
This project began in March 2010, making finance and advice available to women to enable them start a small business or to develop their existing small business. The project was started with funds generously provided by a Dundee businessman.
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Coffee Growing ProjectCapstone Al & Deb 3
The Rozelle Trust is delighted to be working with Capstone Projects to fund an exciting new project in Uganda. In early 2011, one of its Trustees Capstone Al & Deb 3visited Capstone’s existing projects in Lugazi, where there was the opportunity to see the medical and educational work that is being carried out.
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Capstone Nursery SchoolWinners Nursery School
This is our latest project. The building work for the new school, a nursery school at this stage, was completed at the end of 2014 but we had to wait until the start of the new academic year before teaching could begin.
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Capstone Projects is dear to the heart of Strathmore Christian Fellowship where Derek Marshall (one of Capstone’s directors) is an Elder and regularly goes out to Lugazi with teams of people, some of whom are members of SCF. The work in Lugazi is supported by SCF financially, prayerfully and by the practical work that visiting teams undertake.