Real women’s lunch

What a wonderful time of fellowship we shared at the Kirriemuir golf club, the lunch was delicious and plentiful and the time out to catch up with friends was very enjoyable.  It was the time of testimony, however, that stood out.  Five lovely ladies shared very ‘real’ testimonies of some of the highs and lows in their lives.

Each person could have been talking to a theme they’d been given as they all told stories of struggling at some point in their lives and how they’d called out to Jesus and he’d met their needs.  There was a tangible sense of God’s presence with us as we listened to the situations they’d experienced and how they had been so faithful through very demanding experiences.

There were more than a few tears around the room and they reflected our sense of recognition that life can be tough, we all struggle at times and Karen, Cheryl, Debbie, Sharon and Win were honest enough and ‘real’ enough to share those times with us.  I think it was a meaningful time for all of us, a time when we stood together as women and as children of God, a time when struggle and tears joined us together as sisters.

After the testimonies we sat and listened to a worship song, as it seemed inappropriate to rush back to our everyday lives, when such powerful testimonies had been given.  I personally feel very grateful to share fellowship with the Real Women at our church.
Cate Brown